100 days 100 portraits

110 days – 100 portraits – 100 euro 

In a couple of months I’ll return to New York as an artist in residence at The Mothership Residency.  I will focus on new artwork. In anticipation to this residency I’ll start a new project ‘100 Days – 100 Portraits – 100 Euro’. With this project I’m trying to fund my working period in New York.

The ‘100 Days – 100 Portraits – 100 Euro’ series are oil and acrylic paintings, made on 290 grams Canson Paper. Each work is 25 x 20 cm.
I will upload a new portrait each day, starting May 28, 2019. You can find a link on my website, facebook and instagram account to my Etsy shop. The price does not include shipping. When you buy multiple portraits they will be sent after the 100 days period and you only pay for shipping costs once.

link Etsy shop